Truck Tire & Wheel Services

Uneven tire wear can lead to poor performance and decreased gas mileage, which in turn leads to more expenses due to more frequent replacements. Tire Rotation is the most improtant step to eliminate premature tire wear.

Our experts at The Fix perform tire rotation tasks, daily. These tasks include:

  • Safely removing your tires
  • Carefully inspecting any tear patterns
  • Installing tires where they fit most evenly
  • Resetting Tire Pressure Monitors (if needed)

Steering & Suspension Experts

We explain to our clients how the suspension system works and what its components are. Educating on tie rods, ball joints, idler arm & bushings are only some of the benefits of going to The Fix. With time, you end up understanding how your car operates, which will ultimately lead to better maintenance and smoother driving.Our professionals know how to handle a wide range of car services. Whether you own a passenger car, an SUV or a large truck, our mechanics at The Fix will ensure that your vehicle performs at its best.


As a car/truck owner, you must know that misalignment can result in tire wear and lower fuel economy. That’s from a financial point of view. To a business, that loss in tire efficiency and kilometers per gallon duplicates based on the number of vehicles you have on the road. It is also unsafe to drive without proper alignment. It can lead to steer drifts, which when combined with heavy loads can lead to undesired consequences.

To our professionals, it is a routine task but to your trucks, it is important to make sure your wheels are aligned. Whether you drive a passenger car or medium sized truck or SUV, our mechanics will ensure that your vehicle performs at its best.


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