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If you live in Vaughan or Richmond Hill, you know how great this area is. You get to take advantage of beautiful scenery, great restaurants and you’re a short drive from Downtown Toronto if you ever feel the need to catch a Blue Jays game. When it comes to your truck, you may not know this but you’re also very lucky. You get to take advantage of our superior truck repair and maintenance services. We provide everything from alignment services to tune ups to DOT inspection preparation. When you visit our garage, you’re in good hands. Our certified technicians will restore your vehicle making it run as smoothly as it would if it were new.

Truck repair in Vaughan and Richmond Hill

The Fix is the way forward because our truck repair services in Richmond Hill and Vaughan are designed to keep you moving. Since 1985, we’ve been providing truck repair in Vaughan and Richmond Hill to ensure that all our customers vehicles are in top shape. We offer drive in/drive out services so that you can get back on the road. We understand that every second you spend idling is money lost which is why our skilled mechanics are able to move quickly but efficiently to get your truck repaired. Moreover, we boast the most complete and modern engine rebuilding machine shop in Canada allowing us to restore gas and diesel engines for light and heavy duty trucks.

Truck service that gets you back on the road

We use cutting-edge technology to repair mechanical issues within your truck. Our truck service computer diagnostics are able to detect mechanical issues before they occur. Besides using advanced technology for truck repair, we offer body work such as paint, sandblasting, and more, windshield replacement, diesel engine repair, oil changes and lube, DOT inspection readiness, tune ups, battery replacement, electric wiring services, air filter replacement, air conditioning installation and repair, and brake and clutch repairs. Preventative and scheduled maintenance plays an important role in keeping your vehicle in great shape and our drive in/drive out truck service ensures you’re back on the road in no time.

Emergency and roadside assistance

Truck emergencies happen when we least expect them. If we knew when they’d occur, they wouldn’t be emergencies. If you need roadside assistance, The Fix can help. No matter where you are in Vaughan or Richmond Hill, we will be there to deal with the emergency. Whether it’s a blown tire at 4 am or a cracked windshield in the middle of the afternoon, or engine failure while you’re stuck in rush hour traffic, we’ve got you covered. Our emergency and roadside assistance services are available to you at all times so you can get your truck back on the road where it belongs.

For more information about our truck repair services in Vaughan and Richmond Hill or to make an appointment, contact us today.


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