Truck Tune Ups

In order to keep your truck running for a long time, maintenance must be done. If you are not a trained and certified mechanic, you cannot perform your own diagnostics. Even if you were, where would you find the time? This is why you should come to us. The Fix is one the GTA’s most trusted automotive and trucking garages for a reason: We prolong the life of your vehicle at reasonable prices.

Regular truck tunes ups

Your truck’s manufacturer has guidelines for when the vehicle needs to be serviced. We will work within those guidelines to ensure that your truck receives regular tune ups to keep it running smoothly. The timing and costs of services varies between model years and makes but one thing is for certain, tune ups are a necessity throughout the life of your vehicle. Truck tune ups prevent engine failure, increase vehicle performance and ensure that brake and clutch systems are always working as they should.

A truck tune up cost that makes sense

As previously mentioned, we are one of the most trusted automotive and trucking garages in the Greater Toronto Area. Our customers trust us because they know that our certified technicians perform exemplary work no matter what the issue is. Furthermore, the truck tune up cost varies from model to model – but we take into account the needs of our customers. Some garages might charge you significant costs for tune ups, but we are committed to providing you with great service and a competitive price. Our goal is for the truck tune up cost to reflect our workmanship. We don’t charge what we want, we charge what’s right. Our competitive pricing lets you know that we stand by our work and more importantly, you can trust us to do a quality job every time.

Truck tune up checklist

Your truck’s manufacturer will provide a recommended checklist letting you know what maintenance is to be performed and at what intervals. Moreover, when you work with our certified technicians, they will get to know your vehicle inside and out anticipating issues before they even arise. They will use the manufacturer’s truck tune up checklist and be able to offer additional information ensuring you understand exactly what work is being done and how it is helping prolong the life of your vehicle.

Do you need a tune up?

Here’s how to know:

  • The check engine light is on
  • You notice a decrease in performance and fuel efficiency
  • While idling or stalling, your vehicle is running rough
  • There is a squeaking coming from the engine compartment
  • Breaking and turning have become unresponsive

Contact us to schedule a tune up. At The Fix, we will prolong the life of your vehicle and ensure everything is working as it should, giving you peace of mind when you’re on the road.


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