Preventative & Scheduled Maintenance Services

We will work out the most effective truck maintenance schedule based around the age and make of your truck. It’s important to keep this schedule to ensure that we are able to inspect, maintain and repair your truck so you don’t have to suspend your business. With our truck maintenance services you can receive preventative measures like undercoating, tire rotation, alignment services, wheels and suspension work, and brake upkeep. Whether you have a fleet that needs preventative and scheduled maintenance or one vehicle, come to The Fix for all precautionary and regular truck work.

Undercoating truck services

At The Fix, we offer undercoating truck service to help maintain your truck. Our rustproofing services give your truck an extended lifetime and an excellent defence against the elements. If you operate a trucking business, you know all too well that the weather can change drastically from one locale to the next and with our undercoating truck services, you can protect your vehicle from rust, allowing it to last longer.

Alignment services and brake maintenance

To ensure your truck works at optimal levels, you must avoid any misalignment. Alignment issues can result in tire wear and lower fuel economy, two things that no one wants. Furthermore, it’s unsafe to drive with a misaligned truck because it leads to steer drifts. Couple steer drifts with heavy loads and you have a recipe for disaster. Besides alignment services, we offer brake maintenance. Your truck’s brakes can mean the difference between a smooth ride and an accident. It’s important to have them serviced regularly and we have skilled certified technicians on staff to do just that.

Engine repair and regular tune ups

Your truck’s engine also needs servicing. Combining engine repair and regular tune ups will keep your truck running at its best. Our technicians can give your truck the repairs it needs to not only extend its lifetime but to ensure you are safe on the road.

Wheels, suspension and tire rotation work

Wear and tear plays a big part in the demise of your truck. Things like uneven tire wear can lead to decreased gas mileage and poor performance and, of course, heavy expenses on your part. With our wheels, suspension and tire rotation services you can eliminate future damage and reduce wear and tear on your truck. Our certified technicians will safely remove your tires, inspect them for any tear patterns, reset tire pressure monitors if necessary, and install and fit your truck with new tires. In terms of our suspension services, we deal with tie rods, ball joints, idler arm and brushings, and any other component of the system. We can replace and maintain these suspension components to enhance the quality of your truck’s operating system allowing for smoother driving.

Regularly scheduled maintenance goes a long way. For more information about our truck maintenance services contact us today. We’ll keep your truck running smoothly for a long time.


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