Truck Annual/DOT Inspection

In order to operate a commercial vehicle in North America, the driver must have a CVOR (Commercial Vehicles Operator Registration) and a valid driver’s license, and the truck must pass certain inspections. Sometimes called a “yellow sticker inspection,” the DOT inspection gives a truck driver the go-ahead to operate their vehicle. DOT stands for Department of Transportation and if you do not pass your inspection, you will be barred from driving your truck.

Truck annual inspection: Safety first

In Ontario, you will be asked to undergo periodic inspections if you operate a commercial motor vehicle. The reason for these annual truck inspections is to reduce collisions and ensure that any mechanical defects with the vehicle’s operating systems are caught before they cause a problem. Furthermore, truck inspections improve highway safety across the country and are done annually and semi-annually depending on the nature of the vehicle. Both the annual and semi-annual inspections are required by law and you cannot forgo them. There are also other inspections you will need to undergo that vary from province to province and rig to rig. When you pass your inspection, you are given a sticker; hence the term yellow sticker inspection, that you will need to display prominently on your truck.

Truck DOT inspection services

To maintain your vehicles on-road standards, our truck DOT inspection services keep your vehicle up to date and running smoothly. We will repair and maintain the power train, suspension, braking system, steering, auxiliary equipment, lamps/lights, electrical system, body, tires, wheels, couplers and hitches to ensure that your truck complies with the National Safety Standards legislations.

Preparedness and maintenance

If you follow a regular maintenance schedule with us, you will no doubt pass your DOT inspections. We provide yellow sticker inspection prep in the form of regular tune up, engine repair, brake inspections and battery checks to ensure your vehicle is always running the way it should. By following a regular maintenance schedule with The Fix, you are enabling us to get to know your truck inside and out. This means we’ll be able to anticipate problems before they occur. We can also explain the truck annual inspection procedure letting you know what you can expect when it’s time for your vehicle’s yellow sticker inspection. Our certified technicians can walk you through the process and explain each part of your truck and how it works that way you’ll also get to know your vehicle inside and out.

Your truck is one of your biggest investments and it’s important that it pass all its required inspections. If not, you will not be able to drive it and will need to have it re-inspected. This is a waste of time and money. We can repair your truck so that it’s up to standards to make sure it’s safe and functioning properly. For more information about our maintenance and truck DOT inspection services, contact us today.


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