Truck Air Filter Replacement Services

The engine in any vehicle sucks air and fuel in in order to burn it and send it back out in the form of exhaust. Due to the poor quality of the air in and around motor vehicles – which is filled with dust and debris – you need an air filter to ensure that any “garbage” is kept out. Your truck’s intake filter, also referred to as the combustion filter, keeps the engine from running itself ragged by trying to get rid of all the dust and debris that makes its way in there. Unfortunately, the filtration device in your truck can only last for so long. Luckily, you can come to us for truck air filter replacement services.

Truck air filter replacement

Depending on the model and year of your vehicle, the air filter will need to be replaced approximately every six months. Because of the amount of time you spend on the road, it’s important that you don’t neglect truck air filter replacement, especially since you’ll be getting regular tune ups and tire rotations anyway. When an intake/combustion filter becomes overrun with debris and dust, it will cease to function and “garbage” will find its way into your engine. When your filtration system doesn’t work properly, your engine won’t work properly. It’s as simple as that. Air filters are designed to not only keep the air quality positive in your engine but to give you better gas mileage. A truck with a clogged filter tends to idle or run roughly and you can’t have that in your line of work. Your business depends you constantly moving. With our truck filter replacement services you get advanced air flow to your engine resulting in improved functionality to your vehicle.

Filter maintenance in the GTA

As part of your vehicle’s fuel supply system, the air filter acts as a mask for your engine. It also needs to be replaced by a professional. Since 1985, The Fix has been providing the people of the Greater Toronto Area with professional air filter replacements services that increase fuel efficiency by filtering out the dust and debris found on our motorways.

Cabin filters and truck intake filters

It’s important not to confuse the intake/combustion filter with the cabin filter. The cabin filter’s job is to clean the air moving inside the cab and not the air inside the engine. However, we can repair both types of filters so that the air inside your truck and it’s engine are clean, which is crucial especially if you have long trips to make. Our truck air filter replacement services are available to ensure the air moving anywhere in your vehicle is clean and easy to breathe.

For more information about our air filter services or to make an appointment, contact The Fix today. We are your truck’s best defense against everything from engine failure to faulty air filters.


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