Truck Air Conditioning Services

With the amount of time you spend in your truck, it’s important that to be comfortable. Truck air conditioning allows you to remain cool and keeps your vehicle from overheating when the temperature soars. We can install aftermarket truck air conditioning units or repair and maintain your existing one. You cannot drive for long periods of time in sweltering heat without a proper A/C unit. You can become sleepy, sick and even have an accident. The Fix can provide high-efficiency air conditioning units that are kind to your diesel engine and don’t cost a fortune to run.

Truck air conditioning units

We offer truck air conditioning units to keep you from roasting inside the cab. Besides keeping you cool, air conditioning helps renew air quality in the truck, reduces the amount of perspiration you emit and keeps you alert while you’re driving. When it’s hot and humid outside, the air becomes thick and it can make us sleepy. Just because you’re in the cab of the truck doesn’t mean some of that humidity and hot air won’t get in and make you drowsy. When you’re driving long-distances, or any distance, for that matter, you need to remain present. A/C truck units allow drivers to remain focused on the road no matter how hot it is outside.

Replacement services for truck air conditioning parts

Our replacement services extend to truck air conditioning parts. If your truck A/C unit is malfunctioning, we can replace the necessary parts to get it up and running again. Our certified technicians are adept at the replacement of truck air conditioning parts so that the unit itself runs correctly. We can also perform routine air conditioning maintenance to ensure everything works and the life of your truck’s A/C unit isn’t cut short. Your truck air conditioning unit consists of many parts that are crucial its functionality. If any part malfunctions, it will hinder the system. We can replace and repair everything from the unit’s compressor and condenser to the accumulator and evaporator core.

Truck air conditioning for sleepers

If you or your employees spend nights in their rigs, you need to offer truck air conditioning for sleepers. It is almost inhumane to expect someone to sleep in a compartment without cool air during the summer months. We provide truck air conditioning maintenance, repair and installation for sleepers so that you and your employees can get a comfortable night’s sleep in the rig. This will also save you money on motels and lets you rest easy in the cool environment of the cab or compartment while you drift off to sleep.

Contact The Fix for all your truck air conditioning needs. If you’re looking for a new A/C unit for your truck, or to have your old one fixed, we service the entire GTA area. We’ll install, repair and maintain the units to keep your truck, and more importantly you, cool.


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