Diesel Engine Repair Services

Running a fleet of diesel engine vehicles requires maintenance by the right team with the best techniques and tools. This is where we come in. At The Fix, we provide regular diesel engine repairs such as timing belt replacement, exhaust leak repair, truck transmission repair and fuel pump replacement. Our diesel engine services are available across the GTA and we use only the best and most modern technology. Furthermore, our technicians are skilled, certified and ready to work as soon as you bring your vehicle in. We provide a drive in/drive out policy so that you can get back to what matters: Getting on the road.

Timing belt replacement

Without a working timing belt, your truck won’t be able to function properly. The Fix provides timing belt replacement so you can get back on the road. Although timing belt replacement costs can vary from vehicle to vehicle, our prices are competitive. You shouldn’t have to pay steep costs for a necessary timing belt replacement, contact us today to learn about our time belt replacement services.

Fuel pump replacement

The fuel pump plays an integral role in how your truck operates. Without a working fuel pump, the engine cannot function, which could leave you stranded and unable to operate your truck. A fuel pump that doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do – pump fuel into your truck’s engine cylinders – will greatly affect your truck and cost you time. When it comes to fuel pump replacement, we offer services that will get your truck back in working order. Our technicians work fast to replace your old fuel pump with a brand new one, giving your vehicle the power it needs to run smoothly.

Exhaust leak repair

In any vehicle, the exhaust system’s job is to move gases away from the combustion chamber into a safe place. It also works to muffle the sounds of the explosions that are happening inside your engine. The exhaust system works overtime to ensure that dangerous gases are carried away and that sound produced by your vehicle keep to a minimum. If your exhaust system gets too hot, it could become damaged. Luckily, we offer exhaust leak repair services to save your truck from the dangers associated with an overheated and damaged system.

Truck transmission repair

The Fix’s repair services extend to transmissions. Truck transmission repair isn’t something to be taken lightly, and our certified technicians are able to fix your transmission giving your vehicle an extended life. In fact, all our diesel engine services, whether they involve truck transmission repair or fuel pump replacement, are done to prolong the life of your vehicle.

Our main goal is to get your diesel engine truck back on the road. When you call us, we’ll do our part to get your truck running smoothly again. Whether you’re looking for truck transmission repair or fuel pump replacement, we’ve got you covered.


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