• Body Work

    At The Fix, we offer body work services to help you restore your vehicle. Whether your truck is in need of repair due to a collision...

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  • Diesel Engine Repairs

    Running a fleet of diesel engine vehicles requires maintenance by the right team with the best techniques and tools...

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  • Tire/Wheel Service

    Uneven tire wear can lead to poor performance and decreased gas mileage, which in turn leads to more expenses due to more ...

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  • Oil Change & Lube

    With our many years in operation, come many years of experience. We have worked on hundreds of vehicles and performed...

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  • Emergency Roadside Services

    Emergencies happen to the best of us. You can’t predict when you’ll blow a tire or your truck’s battery will die, and it’s difficult...

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  • Body Work

    At The Fix, we offer body work services to help you restore your vehicle. Whether your truck is in need of repair due to a collision...

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Heavy Truck & Construction Equipment Repair Services

Established in 1985, The Fix set out to provide high quality mechanical services to light/ heavy duty trucks & construction equipment. Our staff is commited to providing quality parts and workmanship -- guranteed.

We have a large on-site & mobile inventory, a team of expert mechanics and a great reputation as an established auto shop with a long history of satisfied clients.

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It is recommended to include alignment in your regular maintenance checks.
In most cases, when a vehicle pulls to the right or left on even roads, it is due to misalignment. This can cause additional problems if not aligned promptly.
It will lead to uneven tire wear, miscalculated steering reactions & vibration in the steering which ultimately damages your steering system.
It depends on how you drive. Different driving styles impact the wear down of brake parts differently. The main factor is the frequency of breaking. When possible, letting the car decelarate without braking is an effective way to increase the lifetime of your brake pads and rotors.
It could be a hydraulic brake problem, a steering or chassis issue. An inspection will definitely reveal the cause.
Very, from a mechanical and safety points of view. When the reason is unknown, a big risk is taken and if ignored, small issues can lead to bigger and costly problems.
It depends on your vehicle type, age and your style of driving. It is important to know the recommended interval for your specific scenario and plan accordingly.
There are different types depending on the type & model of your car. 10W30 is usually recommended as the one size fits all but it is important to ask an auto expert what works best for your engine.
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